Angle Lintels

We stock or can source the full angle range from 25x25x3 EA up to 200x200x26 EA.

Steel angles are most commonly used as lintels installed over openings to support the brickwork above windows & doorways. Steel angles are often also used for a variety of fabricated items such as raking angles, shelf lintels (cast-in angles), brackets and cleats. For most applications galvanised steel angles suffice for use as lintels in Western Australia, however in very close proximity to the ocean or breaking surf the Building Code of Australia often requires an additional epoxy/painted treatment.

The most widely used angle lintel thickness is 8mm as it best suits the mortar joint between the bricks. 6mm & 10mm are also regularly used depending on the spans required by the door or window openings.


Equal angles are equal in width and height; i.e. 75x75x8mm steel angles.


Unequal angles have varied width and height; i.e. 125x75x8mm and 150x90x8mm steel angles.


The following are typical lintel spans for a single storey tiled roof:

Beam Size                 Maximum Opening
75×8 FL                                   Up to 0.9m
75x75x6 EA                             Up to 1.3m
75x75x8 EA                             Up to 1.6m
100x75x8 UA                           Up to 2.4m
100x100x8 EA                          Up to 2.4m
125x75x8 UA                            Up to 3.0m
150x90x8 UA                            Up to 3.6m
150x100x10 UA                        Up to 4.3m

*Consult your engineer where construction is 2 storey or if there is greater than normal load over an opening.