Remson Steel Pty Ltd specialises in the design, fabrication and installation of steel staircases. Our extensive experience and design software allows us to accurately draw and fabricate staircases to suit your engineering and architectural requirements.

We have decades of experience fabricating and installing steel staircases throughout Western Australia for both residential and commercial buildings.


Central spine stair stringers are arguably the most popular design of steel staircases used in Perth residential buildings. The main steel member is typically a tubular RHS section, Universal Beam (UB), or Universal Column (UC). Steel flat bar and tubular sections are utilized to support the selected tread type; these steel sections can be laser cut to take on a variety of appearances.



Flat bar stringers are a visually attractive option. Flat bar stringers typically have welded cleats to support the treads and run up each side of the staircase. While they can be free standing and supported by columns as seen on the design to the left, they are most commonly anchored to the existing brickwalls. When a stairs is walled only on one side often a flat bar stringer is bolted to the wall and a PFC stringer runs up the opposite side to provide a visually attractive feature.



PFC stringers run up either side of the stair treads which are bolted/screwed to welded cleats hidden underneath the treads. The ‘[‘ shaped profile is a very attractive option for steel staircase design; particularly with straight, free-standing staircases.