Teebar Lintels

Here at Remson Steel Pty Ltd we fabricate and galvanise teebar lintels to order in an extensive range of sizes and specifications to ensure your teebars are welded to meet the varying requirements of different engineers.

Teebar (T-bar) lintels are utilised to support brickwork over openings where spans or loads exceed those recommended for standard angle lintel sizes. Teebar lintels are also used where the opening is to remain vacant without the installation of a window or door because the wider base can support both the internal and external brickwork while concealing the cavity space between them.

Teebar Size (HxWxT)     Brick Wall Width            Maximum Opening
150x180x10 T-bar                   190mm                                 Up to 3.0m
150x200x10 T-bar                230-250mm                             Up to 3.0m
200x180x10 T-bar                   190mm                                 Up to 5.0m
200x200x10 T-bar                230-250mm                             Up to 5.0m
250x180x10 T-bar                   190mm                                 Up to 5.7m
250x200x10 T-bar                230-250mm                             Up to 5.7m
*Consult your engineer where construction is 2 storey or if there is greater than normal load over an opening.